4 Metaphysical Benefits of Amethyst

I have a confession. I am obsessed with Amethyst. Ok, so this may already be obvious since it's infused in two of our products ( Sex Magic + Unicorn Magic ) and in just about every photo I take, but I wanted to give you a little insight as to why I love it so much!

Since ancient times, minerals, gems, and other stones from within the earth have been believed to provide healing and mystical properties to those who believe in them.  One such variety of quartz is the radiant stone called Amethyst, which can range in color from a light, pinkish violet to a deep, royal purple.  Four benefits that Amethyst may provide to those who wish to experiment with their beneficial properties are:

  1. Temper passion and prevent overindulgence- The literal translation from the Ancient Greek meaning of the word amethyst is “not intoxicated.”  Greeks and Romans believed that wine consumed from amethyst-studded goblets would prevent inebriation, while Catholic bishops wore them on the body to protect from overzealousness and passion.  In today’s times, this may mean an amethyst can be used to ease urges, and decrease attachments and obsessive thoughts.  If you’re trying to let go of something, perhaps replacing it with an amethyst may help.
  2. Stimulate the Crown Chakra - Purple is the color associated with the crown chakra, which is the chakra providing a direct channel to the divine.  Because of amethyst’s rich violet hue, it is believed by many to help stimulate the crown chakra and open a stronger connection to the spiritual world.  This effect may mean that amethyst is useful in enhancing a meditative practice and meaningful, spiritual growth.
  3. Spiritually Protect and Purify - Ancient Egyptian dignitaries used Amethysts as amulets of protection, and today some still believe it can create a protective aura of spiritual light around the body, protecting one from lower energies and unhealthy environments.  If you are in need of spiritual support, an Amethyst may be just the stone to help ward off negative energies and harmful forces.
  4. Stimulate Creative Energies - Many believe Amethyst stones in the darkest violet can be used as talismans for the creative arts.  It is said to amplify the creative elements in the ambient collective energy.  If creating something original and new is your goal, try keeping some dark violet amethysts nearby to open the flow of creativity and enhance inventiveness and inspiration.

In my life, besides infusing it into sprays, I keep the amethyst shown in this photo by my bedside and I swear it helps me sleep. I'm a vivid dreamer, and it keeps those crazy nightmares away! So there you have it! Head on over to Instagram and tell me what you love about amethyst or if you learned something new about it by reading this post!



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