The Top 3 Benefits of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

What’s over 250 million years old and contains over 80 minerals that are beneficial to the human body? Sounds like something you might want to get involved with, huh? Well, friends, I’ve got more than a few things to share with you about pink Himalayan sea salt.

Benefit #1: Detoxifies the Body

Did you know that most of us come into contact with up to two million toxic chemicals per day? Crazy, I know. Think about it, though. There are chemicals in our cleaning products, our beauty products, our food, our air and even our water. If you're like me, you are probably already doing everything you can to avoid those chemicals in your own home, but you can't help but encounter them throughout your day. Bathing in sea salt is one of the best ways to pull those toxins out of your skin through a process called reverse osmosis.

Benefit #2: Reduces Inflammation in the Body

Bathing in Himalayan sea salt can provide relaxation, pain relief, detoxification, essential body nourishment, and even help to improve circulation. With its incredibly high mineral content, Himalayan salt is the perfect choice for soaking. Not only does it help to facilitate detoxification of the skin, your body is able to absorb all those minerals, right there in your bathtub, through your skin! 

Benefit #3: Regulates Sleep & Moods

It may be hard to believe, but sea salts are actually one of the secrets that I swear by to get a good night’s sleep. Due to its high mineral content, the salts actually work as a natural sleep aid. They simply give your body the fuel it needs to sleep effectively. They help your body relax and process stress from the day and on an energetic level, there is no better way to detox from the energies you have encountered throughout the day!

Himalayan sea salt is pretty amazing, right? That’s why it’s the main ingredient in our Mermaid Magic Ocean Crystals, no 250-million-year-wait required. Have you tried it yet? Give me a shout and let me know what you think!



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