5 Benefits of Dry Brushing

Sarah Betsy

Dry Brushing

What if I told you that adding one additional routine to your life could help you reduce cellulite, eliminate toxins, and provide you with amazing wellness benefits? What if it were also practically free and only took roughly 5 minutes to complete? You would consider trying it, right? This amazing process is called dry brushing and let me tell you, it works.

Dry brushing will help you unclog your pores and remove toxins that get locked underneath your skin. Our skin is technically an organ- the largest organ on the human body - so why not take care of it like we do the rest of our organs? It is estimated that ⅓ of the body’s toxins are located in the skin of the human body, so this important organ needs attention every single day.

5 Benefits of Dry Brushing

  1. Exfoliate Dead Skin

As we grow older, our skin needs more and more attention. As we age, more and more dead skin accumulates and more toxins get trapped in our skin throughout our lives. If our skin is blocked by dead skin cells, those toxins have no way to escape. That is where dry brushing comes in, it's a super fast and easy way to increase that cell turnover so those toxins can escape. It's important to dry brush and exfoliate our skin every other day or a few days a week to ensure fresh and healthy skin.

There is an art to dry brushing. You don't want to be too rough on your skin as that can cause damage. Be gentle and cautious that you don't rub too hard, especially if you know you have sensitive skin. Exfoliating by dry brushing is recommended every few days instead of every day because it can dehydrate the skin if done too often or too harshly, which is not something you want to do.  

  1. Awaken the Lymphatic System

If your skin has too many toxins or dead skin cells, it won't work efficiently. By incorporating dry brushing into your beauty regimen, you can awaken your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system’s main goal is to remove toxins from your body which will ultimately help to keep you from getting sick.

When toxins build up, the body can have a hard time fighting off inflammation. By keeping your skin exfoliated and healthy, you are allowing your lymphatic system to properly do its job of helping you stay healthy!

  1. Reduce Cellulite (Our Favorite!)

No one is a fan of cellulite and both women and men are constantly working hard to try to eliminate it from their appearance. 

Dry brushing can aid in the awakening of the skin cells and increasing circulation which will help the body break down toxins that cause cellulite to appear. This is a natural remedy for cellulite - the body getting rid of it itself - no funky creams or procedures here!  

  1. Unclogs Pores

Clogged pores that are caused by dead skin cells, pollutants and cosmetics that we use daily can cause your liver and kidneys to work harder to remove those impurities. By using a body brush on your skin you are taking preventative measures to unclog your pores. By unclogging your pores, you are helping your skin absorb more nutrients! By absorbing nutrients you are promoting healthy skin and you are also making it easier for your skin to release toxins.

  1. Stress Relief

Dry brushing removes stress from your body just as massage therapy lowers your cortisol levels. A study was conducted regarding how massages alleviate stress and anxiety that is built up within the body. Since dry brushing mimics a massage, it also has been proven to help you relax and is a cheaper and quicker alternative to a massage!

When you are able to lower your stress level, it is easier for your body to naturally heal itself from any inflammation that may be occurring.

How to Dry Brush

First, purchase a natural bristle brush that has a comfortable handle for easy use. Avoid synthetic brushes at all costs.

Next, remove your clothing and stand in the shower or bathtub. This allows for easy clean up of the dead skin you will lose in the process.

Third, keep your skin dry. It is called dry brushing- not wet brushing.

Fourth, start from the bottom. Start using the body brush at your feet and move gently up your body. Move the brush in short sweeping motions from your feet all the way up towards your heart. (If you sweep from the top to bottom you may cause ruptured vessels and varicose veins.)

Next, make sure you brush each area of your body gently and do not miss a spot. Be extra careful when brushing over sensitive skin areas.

Lastly, when you are finished dry brushing, shower as you normally would. For even more of a detoxifying punch, we recommend following up your routine with a salt bath. This helps to purge out any additional toxins lingering beneath your freshly exfoliated skin!