Why Facial Oil Should Be The One Product That You Use Every Day

Sarah Betsy

Ancient Egyptians used facial oil daily to maintain vibrant and flawless skin. Yes, that may have been awhile ago, but this “old school” beauty routine is making a major comeback. After all, oil is what your skin naturally produces to keep itself protected.

Be A Believer

Research has been conducted on plant oils and their effect on skin and the results will make you a believer. Whether you use a single type of plant oil or a blend of beneficial oils, your skin will, with time, show signs of repair and restoration from aging. It is so important to know that even if you do not currently suffer from dry skin that facial oil is still for you! It prevents dryness and cracking but also many signs of aging. The earlier you start taking care of your skin, the longer you will maintain youthful and vibrant skin.  

The top reasons that you should incorporate a facial oil into your daily beauty routine are: they can reduce wrinkles, they are good for dry skin, they act as a skin protectant, they can take on the role of a makeup primer, and they can minimize enlarged pores.

Wrinkle Reducer

Wrinkles and sunspots thrive in ultraviolet light. Most facial oils are full of antioxidants. This means that they can reduce the amount of damage that is inflicted on your skin by protecting your skin with antioxidants and vitamins like A, C, and E. If you have facial skin that has been exposed to and damaged by the sun, dermatologists highly recommend incorporating a vitamin E based oil into your daily beauty routine.

Dry Skin Healer

Oils are a prime candidate to quench dry, flaky, thirsty, and rough skin. Oils have been proven to be even more effective than your over the counter facial moisturizers and lotions because oil is what your skin naturally produces and therefore, what it can absorb the most deeply. To soften your skin, apply a dime-sized amount of oil to the areas of your face that suffer the most from dryness or dehydration. 

Skin Protection

Oils are lipophilic, therefore they can go deep into the skin and can trap in water and other moisturizing goodness, all the while making sure that toxins and other negative stuff stays out. No matter where you live (in the country, in a big city, or in suburbia) it is important to protect your skin from the elements. There are so many pollutants that live in the air and they can create unwanted wrinkles and irritation. By using oil on your face in the morning and at night, you will be doing your skin a huge favor!

Act As A Makeup Primer

Facial oils act fast to hydrate thirsty skin. These oils can also create an immediate plumping effect, allowing your skin not only to look healthier but also to feel healthier. Hydrated skin makes for a great canvas for makeup. The longer you use either of these oils in your daily beauty routine, the softer your skin will become.

Is It Too Late?

Remember, you do not need to have damaged skin to use facial oils. The earlier in life that you start religiously using facial oils, the less you will experience signs of aging. Yes, incorporating facial oils into your routine will restore damaged skin, but how awesome is it that we can take action before our skin ever becomes damaged? Start now, you won’t regret it!