Quick 3-Step Skincare Routine

When people find out that I own a skincare company, they immediately assume that I have a *super* elaborate skincare routine. The truth is, with a two-year old, I have time for about 3 products most days. I thought it would be fun to set the record straight and let you know a few of my go-to faves:

Peace, Love + Glow Peppermint Toner: most mornings I don’t have time to wash my face so I’ll use this toner on a cotton pad while I do my red light therapy. If I’m breaking out I’ll add tea tree oil to my toner. If I’m feeling dry I will use the rose toner instead but the peppermint is my go-to, especially in the morning. It’s a nice little wake-up!

Rosehip + Calendula Facial Glow Oil: I love using this under makeup instead of primer. It makes my makeup go on super smooth and helps me stay dewy all day (even in Colorado)

Niacinamide + Aloe Leaf Skin Perfecting Serum: this has been a game changer for skin. It’s helped with breakouts and evened out my skin tone so much! I can always tell a visible difference the next morning. I use it *every night* and top it with either face oil or Goddess Balm depending on what my skin needs that day

Of course, I love to use masks and layering in different products. As an aesthetician of 15 years I’m always trying new things, but it always seems that less is more especially when it comes to skin.

My skin is *far* from perfect but I do make an effort to use at least a few products each day when I can! Now, I’m so curious, what are your go-to products? Send me an email and let me know! :)



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