Lavender + Mint Botanical Facial Steam

Once upon a time, I worked full-time as an esthetician, and I absolutely loved when people scheduled facials, they were my absolute favorite service to provide. During that time, I remember my clients LOVING the steaming portion of the facial. It was so gratifying seeing the difference in their skin after just a little bit of TLC.

I wanted to create a botanical facial steam that people could do at home to get similar benefits, without any fancy equipment. Our lavender + mint botanical facial steam is the newest addition to the Apothecary Co. family and it’s great for all skin types! It’s the perfect addition to your skincare routine.

With organic botanicals like lavender flowers, rose petals, spearmint, chamomile, and calendula flowers this steam will help to promote glowing, clarified, hydrated skin.

Why Use A Facial Steam?

Steaming helps to remove bacteria and other impurities from the skin, opens the pores to make serums and moisturizers penetrate even deeper following steaming, and allows for deep hydration.

How To Do A Facial Steam?

Add one tablespoon of the botanical steam to a bowl. Add hot water and stir slightly as you would if you were brewing loose-leaf tea. Allow to cool slightly. Cover your face with a damp towel and allow steam to drift up to your face, periodically fanning the towel as needed. Hold your face at least 5 inches from the water for safety and steam your face for up to 10 minutes depending on skin tolerance.

Tips for Making Your Botanical Steam Even Better

Exfoliate your skin gently with a powdered mask after cleansing and before using the steam.

Add a crystal to your botanical steam for additional energetic benefits, such as a rose quartz crystal heart.

Add the leftover steam and botanically infused water to your bath to repurpose the mixture and receive whole-body benefits!

I hope you love the new facial steam! Please let me know if you try it, we'd love to hear from you! Xx Sarah


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