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Imperfect Rose Quartz Point

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R O S E  Q U A R T Z:

A soothing and nourishing stone, rose quartz is wonderful for balancing the heart chakra. It is the quintessential stone of unconditional love and healing energy and is great for releasing tension or troubles. This stone is also wonderful for enabling forgiveness, releasing grief, developing self-love and compassion towards the self and others.

D E S C R I P T I O N:

This unique piece was hand-selected, cleared and infused with Reiki energy to amplify its power. This particular piece is a gorgeous deep pink color, which is very unique in a rose quartz specimen. The pointed tip was nicked in shipment (not reflected in the photo) so there is 1 mm that has been broken off the very top of the point.  

Each stone is unique and hand-selected for beauty and it's vibrational energy. This piece is 5" high x 2" wide and weighs 463 grams. All sales final.

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