Metaphysical Properties of Citrine

If you've ever delved into the world of manifesting, chances are you've stumbled upon the captivating citrine crystal. It's like the ultimate superstar of crystals when it comes to attracting abundance, and that's precisely why we've harnessed its incredible energy to infuse our New Moon Manifesting Mist!

Now, let's talk about citrine in all its glory. Picture this: a stunning quartz crystal with a mesmerizing glassy yellow tone. But citrine is not just about promoting happiness and prosperity. Oh no, it goes way beyond that. This gem is renowned for its ability to attract abundance, ignite creativity, and stimulate the imagination. And the best part? It acts as a protective shield against those pesky negative vibes, while also working its magic to drawing divine energy into your life. How amazing is that?

But wait, there's more! Citrine isn't just confined to the spiritual realm; it possesses remarkable physical healing powers too. For instance, it can help balance the thyroid gland, giving you that much-needed energy boost. And guess what? It also supports the endocrine system, keeping your metabolism in top shape. Say goodbye to chronic fatigue!

Now, let's dive into citrine's extraordinary impact on emotional well-being. This gem is a total champ when it comes to helping you navigate through anger, fear, and depression, leaving you feeling more at peace and centered. It's like having a superhero for your emotions!

And let's not forget about citrine's exceptional ability to balance your chakras. When you work with citrine, it opens up the solar plexus and navel chakras, creating a sense of balance and harmony in your energetic being. When these chakras are aligned, not only will you experience a newfound equilibrium in your life, but your body will also be better equipped to fight off infections and allergies. Plus, your gut feelings and intuition will be sharper than ever!

Now, imagine closing your eyes and meditating with citrine. Get ready for an incredible experience as this gem opens the doors of your mind, flooding it with clarity and profound insights. It's like being enveloped in a warm, glowing embrace from within.

Ready to take your meditation sessions to the next level with citrine? It's easier than you may think! Start by holding your citrine stone in your hand. As you close your eyes and focus on your breath, imagine the warm, sun-like energy of the citrine infusing your body, bathing you in its radiant light. Visualize this golden energy dispersing any negativity within you, replacing it with positivity, creativity, and abundance.

You can also place the citrine over your solar plexus or navel chakras during your meditation, allowing its energy to directly interact with these energy centers. As you meditate, envision the citrine harmonizing these chakras, fostering a sense of balance and intuition within you.

Remember, the key to successful meditation with citrine is clear intention. Before each meditation session, state what you wish to manifest or heal, then allow the citrine to guide you towards your goals. By combining the power of intention with the energy of citrine, you are setting the stage for significant transformation and abundance in your life. Pretty exciting, right?

So why wait? Embrace the enchanting energy of citrine today and embark on a journey of manifesting something truly amazing! We can't wait to hear all about your success stories!

Sending you lots of love and positive vibes,


“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”

Roald Dahl