Gua Sha Tutorial

THE GUA SHA REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN. Well, technically it began thousands of years ago, but who’s counting? 

I’ve been obsessed with this little tool lately, so I wanted to share a little bit more about it with you and share some of my best Gua Sha tips to make the process a little less intimidating. Check out my Gua Sha Tutorial Video here or keep reading for a quick overview of how to start your own ritual.

All Natural Botox Alternative

I swear, this little Gua Sha stone has completely changed my skin in a matter of weeks. It does what Botox is supposed to do, by changing the way that you use the muscles in your face, except this does it by ACTUALLY CHANGING YOUR MUSCLES via massage and lymph drainage and not just paralyzing them with harmful toxins.

I’m a HUGE, huge fan. So I gotta ask, have you tried Gua Sha yet? If not, what are you waiting for!? We created this Gua Sha starter set to get you started with an amazing deal, you get the facial oil practically for free!

How To Use Your Gua Sha Stone

Here are just a few tips before you get started with your new Gua Sha stone.

  • be sure to keep the stone at a 30-45 degree angle and use extremely gentle pressure throughout the routine
  • always use the stone with a facial oil to provide slip and prevent pulling or tugging the skin
  • the side with the c-shaped “waves” is perfect to use along jawlines and cheekbones to perfectly hug those contours while getting the lymph moving
  • you can do a little “wiggle” at the end of the stroke as you approach the jawline to really break up the tension in that area and encourage detoxification
  • use one finger as an “anchor point” when you begin, holding your skin lightly
  • in place with the opposite hand
  • use upwards and outward strokes along jawline and cheeks, but downward along the neck (always avoiding the throat) and outward on the décolleté
  • the mini "comb" side is excellent for eyebrow lines or “11’s” as well as breaking up hyperpigmentation (reminder: be extremely gentle)
  • for hyperpigmentation spots, you can wiggle the comb from side to side over the spot of discoloration to encourage breaking up the pigmented areas
  • for acne, you can use a smooth side all around the spot (avoiding the actual blemish) to increase circulation and healing
  • the stone can be used on the body in both long strokes as well as back and forth using rapid strokes for helping to break up cellulite

Just remember to keep things gentle and stay away from sensitive areas. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Another must, always use a facial oil to provide some slip between the stone and your skin.

You’ll want to follow along the natural pathways of your face to loosen up tight muscles, gently move the lymph to encourage detoxification, and encourage blood flow to underutilized areas of the face. Now, let’s get started with your Gua Sha ritual!

The Neck

Begin by doing some very gentle strokes with the smooth side of the stone, from the top of your neck downward, avoiding the throat area. The important thing to remember is to keep it very gentle (lymph does not like a lot of pressure.)

Jawline And Cheeks

You can then begin moving in upward and outwards strokes around the fleshier areas of the face, like the cheeks and the jawline with the smooth side of the stone.

It’s important to use your opposite hand to hold the skin gently in place and provide sort of an “anchor” point for stone, while your other hand will be lightly moving across the skin using the stone.

Anchor Points and Angles

Be sure to keep the stone almost flat against the face, at a very slight angle as you

massage (about 30º from the face, if possible.) You do not want to put the stone at a 90-degree angle, as this could actually be damaging to the skin. 

Once you’ve massaged the jawline and cheeks, you can do extremely gentle strokes under the eye area (completely avoiding the eye) outwards towards temples, and you can do upward OR outward strokes on the forehead. No anchor point is needed on the forehead.

Finish with some very gentle strokes again on the neck just as you started to help clear out any stagnation or toxins. 

Voila! You’ve just done a Gua Sha facial massage!

We recommend repeating this ritual a few times per week as needed for glowing, happy skin.



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