Glamour Magazine Just Featured Our Organic Yoni Steam

When you get a shoutout in Glamour Magazine, it's kind of a big deal. I wanted to fill you guys in on what they said about our Secret Garden Yoni Steam and why this is so exciting for me.

I realize that vagina steams aren't exactly mainstream. Heck, even I was skeptical when I first heard about them (thank you, Gwenyth.) But after dealing with horrible menstrual cramps for most of my life and lately struggling with infertility, I was willing to give anything a try.

I remember when I first realized, "holy shit, yoni steams actually work!" I knew I needed to make one for Apothecary Co. The fact that people - like the people at GLAMOUR MAGAZINE - found it as relaxing as I do and a "beautiful addition" to their Sunday night routine? Well, that just made it even better.

This is even more exciting to me because I think it is SO important that women stay in touch with ancient traditions that we've all but abandoned in the Western world. Some of these therapies, although simple, can be some of the most effective. I love that as the divine feminine is reawakening around the globe, things like this are being more celebrated again.

After all, they're our vaginas. If we want to steam them, why shouldn't we be able to find beautiful, organic, Reiki infused products that allow us that luxury, am I right?

Without further adieu, here's what Glamour had to say about our Secret Garden Yoni Steam.

"The Goop-iest step in my routine came courtesy of Apothecary Company’s Secret Garden Organic Yoni Steam, $19. This glass vial contains a mixture of organic dried herbs like lavender, hibiscus, and rosemary, infused with actual tiny pieces of rose quartz crystals, meant to “promote self-love and emotional healing.” As a water sign with a secret weakness for all things witchy and woo, I was very intrigued. First, you boil distilled water and pour into a bowl containing the herbs, wait for it to cool, then literally squat over the whole shebang for 10 minutes or so.

(Definitely, check with your doc before trying this one, make sure the steam is cooled adequately, and know that it is not to be used at all if you’re pregnant.) Some women swear by a vaginal steam to help regulate menstrual irregularities or soothe cramping. (Many doctors, however, are skeptical.) While I’m not looking to address those issues, there was something oddly relaxing about this process (until my quads started burning). It seemed to lift my spirits in a way I can’t quite explain, but which may be attributed to the aromatherapy effect of the steam. I followed up with a bath and found it to be a beautiful addition to my Sunday-night self-care routine. I’m really sorry I made fun of you for all these years, Gwyneth."

It makes me so happy that thousands of women have experienced the revitalizing benefits of yoni-steaming. I think we all deserve to feel good in our bodies. What do you think, are you ready to give yoni steaming a try? 

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