Discover the Magic of Clean Beauty with Our Essential Skincare Set

Let’s chat about something super close to my heart—clean beauty. At Apothecary Co., we’re all about safe, effective, and eco-friendly skincare, and our Essential Skincare Set is the perfect example of this commitment. This set includes four must-have products: Sugar Maple + Aloe Leaf Cleanser, Glycolic + Rosewater Facial Radiance Peel, Rosehip + Willowbark Vitamin C Serum, and CoQ10 + Jasmine Intense Hydration Facial Oil. And guess what? All our products score a 1 or below on the EWG toxicity scale! 

Why Clean Beauty Rocks

Clean beauty isn’t just a trend—it’s an important lifestyle choice. By choosing products without harmful chemicals, you’re not only protecting your skin but also the planet. This approach to beauty has been my personal mission since I healed myself from autoimmune disease through lifestyle changes. I know firsthand how powerful clean, natural ingredients can be.

Meet Our Essential Skincare Set

  • Sugar Maple + Aloe Leaf Cleanser

This cleanser is gentle yet effective, removing impurities while keeping your skin’s natural oils intact. Sugar maple extract exfoliates, and aloe leaf soothes and hydrates—your skin will feel refreshed and glowing.

  • Glycolic + Rosewater Facial Radiance Peel

This peel combines glycolic acid with rosewater to exfoliate and brighten your skin. It’s perfect for reducing fine lines and evening out your complexion, giving you that radiant glow we all crave.

  • Rosehip + Willowbark Vitamin C Serum

Packed with antioxidants, this serum fights free radicals and boosts collagen. Rosehip oil nourishes and repairs, while willowbark gently exfoliates, leaving your skin smooth and glowing.

  • CoQ10 + Jasmine Intense Hydration Facial Oil

This luxurious oil deeply hydrates and nourishes. CoQ10 promotes skin cell regeneration, and jasmine oil calms and rejuvenates. It’s the ultimate way to lock in moisture and achieve a dewy, radiant look.

Why You’ll Love Our Essential Skincare Set

This set is the perfect introduction to clean beauty, offering a full skincare routine at a fantastic price. Whether you’re new to our brand or looking to switch to cleaner products, this kit has everything you need to cleanse, exfoliate, treat, and hydrate your skin effectively.

Choosing our Essential Skincare Set means investing in high-quality skincare while supporting a brand dedicated to health, wellness, and sustainability. Experience the magic of clean beauty and see the difference our products can make.

Ready to glow? Check out our Essential Skincare Set and start your clean beauty journey today! 

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