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Mini SEX MAGIC Enchantment Elixir

$ 18

K E Y  I N G R E D I E N T S:

Amethyst Crystals – Assists in meditation, dream work + enhances psychic abilities

Rose Quartz Crystals – Calm the heart + promote peace

Clear Quartz Crystals – Cleanse and protect the aura

Organic Jasmine Essential Oil – Famously used by Cleopatra and said to have been responsible for her exquisite beauty, jasmine is known to stimulate sexual desire, enhance confidence, and naturally diminish both stress + anxiety

Organic Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil - A natural aphrodisiac and mood booster, ylang-ylang is also beneficial for reducing insomnia and chronic fatigue

2 oz. glass spray bottle. Please shake well before use. Separation is normal due to the high essential oil content in all of our toxin-free products.

E Y  B E N E F I T S:

Our crystal-infused, all-natural aromatherapy spray helps to stimulate confidence and naturally boost your mood!  Spray it at home, on yourself when you're feeling stressed, at the office before an important meeting, or anywhere you need some magic in your life!

Amethyst assists in meditation, dream work and enhances psychic abilities. Quartz crystal cleanses and protects your aura from negativity. Rose quartz calms the heart, invites love and promotes peace. All three stones help to banish negative energies, while our essential oil blend of jasmine + ylang-ylang promote a sense of strength and power.

Even the energetic playing field by harnessing your divine power and awaken the (God)dess within.

ingredients: crystal water (amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz), organic essential oils (organic jasmine, organic ylang-ylang), vitamin E

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