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Mini NEW MOON Manifesting Mist

$ 18

As seen in mindbodygreen

K E Y  B E N E F I T S:

This crystal-infused, all-natural aromatherapy spray helps to amplify your intentions!  Use it during your favorite new moon ritual or spray it at home to manifest blessings. Spray it on yourself when your mood needs a boost, or anywhere else as you focus on your intentions!

These intentions will be amplified even more during the new moon. Our signature blend of crystals is infused with organic essential oils to draw in divine energy + invite positivity and manifestation power

K E Y  I N G R E D I E N T S:

Citrine Crystals - Assist with manifesting abundance

Clear Quartz Crystals – Cleanse and protect the aura

Organic Bergamot Essential Oil – Soothes nerves + reduces tension, anxiety, and stress

Organic Lime Essential Oil - Stimulates + enhances mood and may help to reduce symptoms of depression

2 oz. glass spray bottle. Please shake well before use. Separation is normal due to the high essential oil content in all of our toxin-free products. 

Harness this purposeful power during your wishing hour and make all your wishes come true.

ingredients: crystal water (citrine, clear quartz), organic essential oils (organic bergamot, organic lime), vitamin E

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